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8 events for sizzling summer sales

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8 events for sizzling summer sales

Summer is all about fun, relaxing, and experiencing new things. But, it’s also a great time to introduce new products into your store. We’ve compiled eight big events you can center product launches around this summer. Boost your summer sales with these eight tips, don’t miss out on the potential!

Memorial Day

Memorial Day is the official beginning of the summer season. What better way to start your summer sales off right than with some great offers for Memorial Day? Over 60% of Americans plan to grill this Memorial Day weekend according to WalletHub, and the back yard barbeques will go hand in hand with remembrance and celebration.

Getting the pool open and enjoying the holiday with some friends is one thing, but this is also a serious weekend for retail sales. Vistar Media estimates that 8 in 10 U.S. adults plan to spend an average of $486 this holiday weekend, with men spending an average of $608, compared to women’s at $398.

There’s some serious potential for summer sales right at the starting gate, so start the summer sales season off right with summer-themed products!

Fathers Day (16th of June)

Father’s Day is celebrated in the United States on the third Sunday of June every year.

The NRF says that this year, Americans are expected to spend some $15.3 billion on gifts to celebrate fatherhood and the role of fathers in shaping the lives of their children.

Of that $15.3 billion, almost 34% is expected to be purchased online. Happily, for us, it’s also a time where everyone has trouble finding a great gift for dad. That’s where you come in!

Design some great, father inspired gifts and help your customers get that perfect gift for dad, and great summer sales!

4th of July

Help your customers celebrate their independence on the 4th of July with some great, patriotic themed gear! The 4th of July is all about celebrating freedom and independence with your family and friends and almost 90% of Americans plan on celebrating. It’s also a great time for summer sales, and people also love to deck themselves out in their favorite patriotic outfits. According to the NRF, 27% of them plan on purchasing patriotic items, so help them and your store by putting some designs up!

Summer Festivals

Music, friends, and fun: festivals were made for summer, and boho chic is all the rage at festivals like Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, and Pitchfork. Festivals are more than just about music these days, with escape and experience dominating the reasons people go. Festival-goers want to be seen in the scene and fashion, fun and Instagram are the ways they express themselves.

This is the perfect opportunity for some high-quality designs to sell through your site.

One huge trend in the last few years at festivals is trendy iPhone cases, with tropical patterns and other expressive designs coming to the forefront.

Don’t miss out on the trendy festival season that makes for some great summer sales. Grab some inspiration from some of the hottest acts going and put some great products and designs in your store.


Summer is outdoor wedding season, and of course, weddings mean looking great and giving some fantastic gifts.

Today’s median age for brides is 29, and for grooms is 31, which means this is the age group with a lot of disposable income.

The most popular months for summer weddings is September, right at the tail end of summer. That gives you a lot of time to plan, but remember that June and August are close behind in terms of wedding popularity. A lot of your customers are worried about what to give and how to look, and this means a great opportunity for summer sales. Give your customer a helping hand by designing some great clothes, or some great gifts for the happy couple!

Bachelor & Bachelorette parties

Pre-wedding activities are more expensive for the attendees than the actual wedding typically, with bachelor party attendees spending on average $738 and bachelorette parties coming in at $472, and make these parties a fantastic opportunity for merch sales. Custom tees and other gear are practically mandatory, so why not help your customers scratch that itch?

Slide in to a niche market and pick up some great summer sales – these parties are happening all summer long! Just keep it light and funny, and it’s sure to be a hit!

Labor Day

Our article, of course, ends with the traditional weekend to mark the end of summer, Labor Day weekend. Families will spend an average of $150 on labor day, with 21% of that going to online shopping and 22% for clothing, which certainly presents a nice opportunity for some summer sales.

The traditional rule is that you can’t wear white after Labor Day, so why not offer some great accessories up as a final summer fashion fling? Fall and its autumnal Earth ones are just right around the corner, so give your customers a colorful option or a sneak peek at your fall lineup!

Summer sales are everywhere, and by using our 8 tips, we hope you’re able to make a few more. We’d love to see you move the needle this summer.

Our list is far from complete, what other events, holidays, or activities do you think will drive some summer sales?

Make it happen right now.

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