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7 greeting card ideas that are sure to sell

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7 greeting card ideas that are sure to sell

Have you ever considered starting your own personalized greeting card business? Can you write witty, humorous, inspirational or sentimental quotes and create outstanding designs that leave a lasting impression on readers? This might be your chance at starting your very own greeting card business which can be fun and profitable if you know what steps to take.

The custom greeting card industry is very competitive but not impossible to break in. If you identify your niche, find your target audience and determine what personalized greeting cards you want to design and stand out among the rest, you can have a successful greeting card printing business.

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Up to 7 billion greeting cards are purchased in the US every year making an estimated $7.5 billion. Research shows that nine out of every ten households in America buy greeting cards every year.

Learning who your target audience is and how healthy the preferred market for your type of business is fundamental. Below is a quick guide to help get you started on your new personalized greeting card business.

Personalized greeting cards are sold for a number of occasions with holiday greeting cards taking the lead. We noticed that, across the board, custom greeting cards with quirky, witty and funny quotes or slogans tend to be the most popular. Below is a list of popular personalized business ideas.

Greeting card ideas to sell

1. Personalized greeting cards as Thank You cards

custom thank you cardscustom thank you cards

Thank you cards continue to be one of the biggest players in the custom greeting card business. This is because they span across a wide range of occasions be it after a wedding, graduation, or birthday party. 


Thank you cards can be made to match every occasion. That is why they make up over $6.6Billion in sales every year. Every personalized greeting card business should have Thank you cards at the top of their catalog and so should yours.

2. Greeting card ideas for Birthdays

custom birthday cardscustom birthday cards

In fact, birthday cards make up the most popular greeting cards, with more than 7billion sold every year. So don’t hesitate to have the birthday cake and eat it with print on demand.


Every year, like clockwork, we all turn a year older. It’s either an exhilarating or depressing time depending on who’s having it. To celebrate or lament this fine occasion, people send out loads of birthday cards.

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3. Mother’s Day & Father’s Day cards

custom mothers day greeting cardcustom mothers day greeting card

In 2019, the LA Times declared that Americans are spending more money on mother’s day than ever before, to the tune of a whopping $25 billion. That’s the highest spending reported in 16 years. It’s also up 8% from the $23.1 billion spent in 2018.


Not to be left behind, Father’s day is reportedly the fourth largest personalized greeting card holiday in the U.S. Together, mother’s day cards and fathers day greeting cards make up two holiday cards you simply can’t ignore while looking for greeting card ideas to sell.

4. Personalized Christmas cards

custom christmas greeting cardscustom christmas greeting cards

From its inception in 1843, the tradition of sending out personalized Christmas cards every year continues to date. With people opting for a more personal touch during the holiday season.


Print on demand allows you to create and sell personalized Christmas cards via online stores. Typically, people send out Christmas cards to family and friends 2-3 weeks before Christmas day so make sure yours are available to sell.

5. Personalized wedding cards

custom wedding cardscustom wedding cards

Wedding ceremonies are hands down one of the most planned celebratory events in America. With women making up about 80% of card customers, it is no wonder that bridesmaid cards are the most popular wedding cards sold. 


Other popular personalized wedding cards include groomsmen card as well as congratulatory cards sent to the newlyweds. There is definitely a market for personalized wedding cards today.

6. Greeting card ideas for Valentine’s day

custom greeting card with heartcustom greeting card with heart

According to the National Retail Federation, even with fewer people celebrating Valentine’s day last year, the total spending grew by 32% in 2020. That’s a leap that far exceeds the average annual increase. It is estimated that the average expenditure rate with grow 18% every year till 2025.


You can take advantage of this booming business with your own cool, quirky valentine cards leveraging on pop culture, romantic films and of course, poetry.

7. Greeting card ideas for Graduation

custom greeting card cheerscustom greeting card cheers

One might think that graduation cards are a new trend. However, Hallmark, the US greeting card giant, has been producing graduation cards since the 1920s. Graduation cards continue to be the first thing Millenials get once they leave the student life and enter “real life”. 


In some regions in the U.S., Millennials spend an average of $6 per card instead of the $2 to $4 of the average consumer. Greeting cards with graduation theme sell at an even higher price.

There’s enough statistical evidence reinforcing that selling personalized greeting cards are a great business idea.

80% of greeting card buyers say that they expect their purchasing habits to remain the same in the coming year. – Greeting Card Assocication

Through platforms like Printify, print on demand has made it even easier than ever before to customize and sell cards online. We hope this article is just what you needed to find some greeting card ideas and make that jump. Happy selling!

Make it happen right now.

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