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5 Reasons why you should never use free website builder programs

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You’ll thank us for these 5 reasons not to use free website builder programs.

If you’re thinking of using free website builder programs to build your next site, you might want to think again. Research by Adobe has found that people are far more likely to pay attention to content on a beautifully designed website. And if your photos load slowly or the layout is unattractive, 38% of people will click away and move on to something else straight away. Below, we consider some of the key features of a great website, and compare free website builder programs to custom built sites.

Usability of your website

As we touched on above, design and usability are key to engaging people with your content, keeping them on your site, and ultimately converting them to paying customers. Mobile devises now count for 2 out of every 3 minutes spent online, and smartphone internet consumption is up by 78%, it’s vital your website is fully mobile responsive. Whilst some free website builder programs work on a mobile, they may not be fully responsive, meaning you’re losing out on valuable views. What’s more, self-built websites can have slow loading speeds, making people even more likely to click away. Tests have shown that few of the themes available on free website builder programmes load fast enough when put through the Google Page Speed Tester. If you go with a good developer, they’ll make sure your site is fully optimised and running at peak speeds to keep your visitors visiting.

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