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5 popular font trends for 2020

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5 popular font trends for 2020

Fonts play a greater role in portraying a brand image or unique style than most can imagine. They are able to depict an emotion, confirm a stance, or achieve smooth message delivery with their proportions, curves and lines. As the market expands with new brands, product segments and offerings being introduced all the time, it’s getting difficult to find and maintain a competitive edge.

Whether they are located on a t-shirt, mug or business card, using fonts to achieve marketing objectives is an age-old strategy that continues to hold strong.

In fact, the new decade of the 2020s shows us a host of interesting font trends that are sure to make your product stand out offline & online. We’ve identified 5 of our favorites to share with you. These span across various styles, some inspired by the past, some resorting to simplicity, and others that have adopted new technologies.

1. Image-over-text

The image-over-text variety of fonts require some artistic flair and are therefore more popular among the arty lot such as photographers and designers. It utilizes the double exposure technique which superimposes an image onto the text in a way that takes your brand to the next level!

There is a high level of creative freedom in the application of image-over-text fonts. They boast of high visual appeal and great brand recall. If you’re planning to try this variety, it’s recommended you employ the skills of a talented graphic artist to get it right.

Also, since the combination of the image and font you use will be uniquely your own, the end product will be an original winner that occupies its own place in this world. Something like this!

Source: Julie Bernerro

2. Ultra-thin lines

Fonts in the category of thin or ultra-thin lines are considered to be a futuristic variety that works wonders on the digital platform. The intention of ultra-thin fonts is to speak in a definitive though understated manner. There are variations within this category but not much, so selection of an ultra-thin font needs to be done with utmost care. even the tiniest nuances can alter the mood.

Overall, ultra-thins are light, beautiful and easy to reproduce. They are also completely opposite to the flamboyant, bold vintage font trend and are slowly carving their own space in a subtle manner.  This is an ultra-thin Sans Serif that is classy and hand-made!

Source: gogi71 at DesignContest

3. Kinetic type

Kinetic fonts move and dazzle the reader. They use video and animation to bring words and brands to life. This naturally makes Kinetic fonts the more striking and attractive from the lot. They are engaging and can be watched again and again! We’ve all been exposed to kinetic fonts and logos on TV but with the advent of technology, we can witness moving fonts on our devices and in our every-day lives via short videos and clips.

The Kinetic typeface is designed for web, desktop and applications. The actual forms are simple but it’s what they do that makes them extra special. Here’s one in action!

Source: Celia Erlich on Dribble

4. Vintage fonts

Retro styles are timeless and always find their way back into present contexts. This is due to their lively and artistic nature. Many of these fonts, though are now being re-produced via computers and printers, were created by hand and therefore, portrayed a human quality that many take an instant liking to. They are bold, animated and a lot of fun.

We witness vintage fonts being used in food related brands, at cafes and restaurant set ups. Added to which, many print publications, even their online editions, love vintage scripts and hold on to them like legacies.

Virginia Automatic Door Co. decided to start a logo contest for their brand new logo to be featured on signage and t-shirts. We like their usage of a variation of the Bourbon Regular font type which exudes professionalism & elegance. Check it out!

Source: 123rf

5. Hand-made lettering

Hand-made lettering, also known as calligraphy fonts, are a classic lot and there are many to choose from. Some find calligraphy fonts to be a bit too flamboyant for their tastes, but if pomp and splendor are what you’re aiming for, a romantic hand-made font is ideal.

Among this category, Balquis is one that isn’t too dramatic but holds all the elements of a good calligraphy font while Cookie has a pleasing vintage quality without excess flair.

There is casual hand-made lettering and the formal kind. There are flowing, breezy varieties and sharp, curt ones as well. If you really want something memorable, try the Great Vibes. We love it!

Source: 123rf


In conclusion, there is actually a plethora of font trends breaking into the 2020 market. We’ve covered a few basic categories that we feel hold the highest potential. We hope to see some of these font types printed on t-shirts in the near future!

If you know of any other font trends that you think will make it big this year, please do share with them us!

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