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5 examples of amazing print

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There’s a misconception that millennials only react to digital marketing. Maybe this is due to increased social media interaction from an early age or being in a period of rapid technological change. But, speaking from experience, this is far from reality. I’ve found that my generation are more likely to react to physical print than digital marketing. After all, we’re pretty tech-savvy and know which plug-ins and add-ons to use so we can block out all the online advertising. But print, especially if it’s been personalized, catches our attention.

Since starting my first job as Digital Marketing Apprentice at Tharstern, I’ve become increasingly fascinated with print and have been doing lots of research to familiarize myself with what’s out there. This has prompted me to collect some of my favourite pieces so I can share them with you all for inspiration!

Take a look at my top 5 favourite pieces of print so far…(I’m planning on sharing more!)

Prime Group

Prime group - penlandia - print

Mind Candy approached Prime Group for help to create their dream of personalized storybooks based around their new brand, “Petlandia” in which pets can be created as caricatures and placed within a story. I think this piece of print is great because I love personalization and think it’s a great way to get customers involved with a product. The full story discusses the process of creating the product from introducing the company all the way to the solution which I find fascinating. (Plus, there are also adorable photos of dogs which is a big added bonus!)



cestrain - harry potter - print

This piece of print was created when Character World wanted a free standing merchandised display unit that would be used in Sainbury’s to hold branded items such as bedding and cushions. The display unit shown is Harry Potter themed and to me it looks pretty magical (it had to be done!). I love the idea of standing displays that are merchandised because they’re eye-catching and a lot more interesting than plain ones and are more likely to draw me in. On the website, there’s also a run-through of the creation process of the product which I find fascinating, being new to the industry.

Simpson Group

Simpson group - cinema - print

This has to be the most outgoing piece in this collection of amazing print and it comes from Odeon Cinema. They approached Simpson Group to help them create a new bright and colourful Pic ‘n’ Mix display that would have a big visual impact on customers. I think this is a very impressive project because the design is covered with sweets and has been digitally printed on clear PVC and was wrapped around panels. The reason I love this project so much is that it isn’t something you’d see everyday and definitely makes them stand out in the crowd, making people want to look and drawing in customers.

SP Group

SP group - holland & Barrett - print

Holland and Barrett gave SP Group the challenge of promoting their new sale with an engaging window display which aimed to make passersby stop and look. I think this colourful and unusual piece of print is sure to attract attention!   The website page explains the solution to creating this window promotion and how they did it which I found extremely valuable when learning about the industry from scratch.

L&S Printing

L&S - Brochure - print

I think this piece of print is awesome! It was created by L&S Printing for Harriss as a guide to new property development. There are beach hut shaped cutouts in the front cover which goes through to vibrant beach images on the other side. The images are lovely to look at and there’s great use of colour and location. I also love how the pages fold out – very original. I would definitely reach for this if I saw it somewhere!

Personally, I think that print can be really amazing and can fascinate lots of young people and so marketers who aren’t targeting younger audiences using print are missing a trick!

Stayed tuned for my next instalment in this series…

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