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2020 Etsy SEO secrets – all you need to know

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2020 Etsy SEO secrets – all you need to know

Increasing the visibility of your brand on Etsy is a possible mission, and it largely depends on two decisive factors: SEO optimization of your Etsy store, and of course, the care of the graphic sector of your shop. That’s why today, we will be sharing some useful Etsy SEO tips and tricks that will help improve the ranking of your brand on the platform.

When you wonder how to increase the visibility of your brand on Etsy, you have to divide your promotion strategies on two different but complementary levels: on the one hand you must necessarily reason with a view to positioning on search engines like Google, while on the other hand, you must also and above all think about your users and their needs. This is a fundamental rule, which does not allow exceptions: if you do not take care of both aspects at the same time, it will be very difficult to increase brand awareness towards your brand.

Using SEO to increase the visibility of your brand on Etsy

What is Etsy SEO? 

This is the set of techniques that you can use to improve the ranking of your web store on organic search engine result pages (SERP). This set of techniques provides a series of tips that you can also apply on Etsy: first of all, you will have to use the most representative keywords for your products, and do it within the title of the shop, the advertisements and of course in the tags. This will increase your product visibility on search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. Not just SEO, though: when you create the title, try to combine the keywords with a relevant slogan potentially capable of hitting your visitors.

Never make the mistake of considering Etsy as an independent platform: this online shop has, in fact, an excellent PageRank on Google and other search engines, which puts you in a position to intercept even users who do not directly visit the e-commerce pages.

The power of brand photos on your Etsy store

Source: Unsplash

From SEO, we move on to the needs of users: to increase the visibility of your brand on Etsy, you must also know how to capture the attention of potential customers, to turn them into real customers. Here, the quality of the graphic sector of your e-commerce plays a very important role: the photos taken in a professional way comes straight to the heart of the beholder, as they communicate great emotions together with the message that your brand wants to convey. 

To sell on Etsy, you will have to think as a window designer would think: use bright colors, make shots with models, and try to do it in dynamic positions and perhaps using a context that may be familiar to your primary target. The only limit is your creativity: the more you will be able to capture the user with your photos, the more products you will be able to sell on Etsy.

However, the good SEO settings and, more generally, the right advice for better success on Etsy, certainly did not end here. There are other strategies you can use to increase your brand’s visibility on Etsy. 

Below we will be sharing lots of these Etsy SEO tips and tricks that will help you sail through in the e-commerce world. Thanks to these tips, selling on Etsy will be much easier and more pleasant.

New changes in Etsy SEO 2019/2020

Printify and Etsy IntegrationPrintify and Etsy Integration

Key points and strategies for the optimization of your Etsy store

Under this section, I am going to summarize clearly and concisely some of the new changes that Etsy has made to its search system and Etsy SEO in general. 

In recent months, Etsy has been making a number of changes to its platform to optimize its services and offer the best possible shopping experience to customers. 

Although Etsy has made several changes to its algorithm in order to show buyers more and more relevant results, they have not proved sufficient. 

We sellers, we are the ones who control an important part of this puzzle. Well, we are the ones who write the titles and descriptions of the products, which is a determining factor to match our articles with the searches that buyers do.

Therefore, for the process of Etsy SEO to be really effective.

How to master SEO for Etsy? Etsy needs your help!

For this reason, Etsy has published a series of articles and/or guides to help sellers improve their SEO practices and strategies. In the new guides, Etsy suggests 10 main strategies that will help us optimize our stores and SEO in general.

Do you want to know what they are? Here we go

1. Use the 13 tags in each ad 

Very important! Etsy’s new algorithm reads titles, tags, categories, and attributes to find keywords that match what buyers are looking for. The more varied tags you use, the more opportunities you have for your products to appear in the search results. Tags must be written in sentences and not in individual words. They must describe what the product is, what it is used for, who can use it, etc.

Think about what makes your product unique and how buyers could look for it. You don’t need to repeat the categories and attributes in your tags. You can also use different keywords than you have in the title! But if you want to highlight a particular keyword, you can rewrite it in the tags to give it greater relevance.

The y axis of this chart is the number of times a term is searched and the x axis is conversion rate for those searches. Long tail keywords are the descriptive, multi-word terms that would appear on the right side of the graph – the one that looks like a long tail. Although they may be used less often than more popular phrases (those on the left side of the chart) they tend to convert better because they describe exactly what a shopper is looking for.

Make sure the labels describe exactly your product. Well, writing tags that are not related to your product can have a negative impact on your product visibility in the search results.  

2. Select specific categories

The categories in Etsy act like tags. When you add more specific categories to your listings, you create more opportunities for your products to be found in the results. Categorizing products to the most specific subcategory can give you greater visibility in the search results.

3. Establish competitive shipping costs

High shipping costs can discourage buyers and prevent them from completing their purchase process. Etsy has established as a ranking factor the price of shipments, so creating competitive shipping prices, including “free shipping,” can increase your positioning in the results.

4. Add relevant attributes

The attributes you add to your listings also act as tags and can help your products be found in the search results. The attributes describe specific characteristics of your products, such as colors, occasion, measurements, etc.

5. Capture the attention of buyers with short and easy to understand titles

Placing the most relevant keywords at the beginning of the title will let the buyer know what exactly the product you are selling is, resulting in more clicks, favorites, and therefore, more sales.

Write titles that are unique to each of your products, and that helps Etsy distinguish your product from the rest of the items found on the platform. Titles must be concise, but informative. If the title is too long, Etsy will show only a part of it in the search result. The same goes for Google!

Avoid very long titles that are not useful for customers and/or fill them with unnecessary keywords.

Writing titles as if they were a series of labels (for example: “Women’s T-shirts, Cool T-Shirts, Black T-shirts” …) will not help you position yourself in the search results. On the contrary, this type of title usually has a low conversion level because it is not specific, and it confuses customers. 

The search system on Etsy is smart enough to interpret strategically composed keywords. Therefore, it is best to write your keywords more specifically.

Source: Unsplash

As Etsy points out, “keep a buyer in mind, not a computer.” The language used in the titles should be as natural as possible.

Use phrases that the client would write in the search engine. 

In the composition of your title, write three or four phrases (long-tail keywords) that clearly describe your product. You do not need to use the 140 characters of the title. Just write titles that are clear, concise, and accurate, just as Google says in its guide about search engine optimization.

Well, it is no longer a secret that Etsy seeks to improve the visibility of our stores and the listings of our articles in the search engine results of sites such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. 

Note: If you need help with keyword identification, I recommend you watch this video.

6. Place the best photo of your products first

Printify Mockup Generator

Each listing has room for 10 photos. Be sure to place the best photo first to get the best Etsy SEO results. Remember that the first photo is what buyers see first in the search results. If you use photos that clearly present what you are selling, you will increase the likelihood of having more clicks, favorites, and sales. 

Note: In a survey conducted in 2017, 90% of Etsy shoppers said the photo quality was “extremely” or “very” important for their decision to make a purchase. 

7. Complete the “About Section”

Completing the “about section” of your store can help you increase your “customer & market experience score,” and therefore, improve your ranking in the search results. For Etsy, it is very important that sellers share their story because they can create a special connection with customers, and make them feel confident.  

8. Add clear policies to your store

Having clear policies will let buyers know what to expect if they make a purchase in your store, inspiring them with greater security and confidence. In addition, having clear and complete policies in your store will increase your “customer & market experience score” and also help you to have greater visibility on the web.

9. Add titles and tags in the language of your store 

The titles and tags must be in the language you chose when you opened your store. Adding tags in other languages ​​will not help your products appear in search results. Etsy will automatically translate the titles and labels into the buyer’s language. 

10. Experiment and adjust your strategy 

Etsy recommends that you test your new strategies and review your statistics regularly. Well, you can monitor which products and keywords are driving the most traffic to your store. And so you can also update those listings that have lower performance, and you can add other products that can further enrich your offer.  

What do you think of these strategies?

There is no doubt that there is much to learn and improve in our stores.

So I encourage you to continue optimizing your store and Etsy SEO strategy as recommended by Etsy.

How you can find the best keywords for your Etsy store products?

Source: Unsplash

What would you think if I told you that I managed to find a wonderful strategy that lets me know what my potential client is looking for and/or needs to buy within the Etsy platform?

I know it may sound a bit odd, but the truth is that since I started implementing this strategy, I have managed to find the best possible keywords to describe my products, as well as concrete ideas to develop new items and collections in my Etsy store. 

And since this strategy worked very well for me, I have dared to write this post in order to share with you some of the most important details of my discovery! 

What strategy do I mean?

“I mean the strategic use of the famous Etsy search engine.”That’s where you can find the best keywords for the products in your Etsy store. 

Why do I suggest you search your keywords on the Etsy platform and not in an external database?

Because the Etsy search engine suggests the keywords taking into account two important criteria: the searches that people have done previously and the trends of the moment, so it allows us to determine what people are really interested in buying within the Etsy platform.  

So if your goal is to increase your sales and grow your business on Etsy, then you should anticipate and/or respond as quickly as possible to the needs of your target market on Etsy. 

And how can you do it? 

Developing products that people want or need to buy and using the best possible keywords in the titles, tags, and descriptions of your products. In this way, you will make your potential customers (who are already ready to buy within the Etsy platform) find your products, and therefore, buy them.


How can you use this powerful tool strategically? Here are the steps…

1. On your computer, go to www.etsy.com, and there you will find the search engine of the Etsy platform. 

2. Then type in the search engine the main product of your Etsy store. For example, if you sell mostly necklaces, write the word “necklace.” When you finish writing the word, you will notice that the Etsy search engine offers you a list of words related to your search.

3. But that’s not all. If you add the word “for” to “necklace,” you will see another variety of keywords. 

4. And if this time you add the word “with,” you will see more options. 

5. And if you think about including the word “that,” you will find many more ideas. 

Did you think this was more than enough? Well, there is much more!

If you type the word “necklace” and click on search, something extraordinary happens. The same search engine offers you a series of somewhat more specific keywords (which you can see highlighted just above the first search results). And my ultra-secret trick! If you click on each sentence, it will suggest more different phrases! 

And if you move that same page to the end, you will notice that the system offers you other related keywords (which you can see just above the page counter).

AND BONUS! Here is one of my favorite parts of the statistics.

At Etsy’s Customer Stats, you can find what other searches your customers have done on the Etsy platform. So you can know what other products they are looking for, providing you with the information you need to expand your inventory. 

Not only is this strategy useful for market research, but it also provides valuable information for your SEO strategy! Additional Etsy SEO keyword tools that you can use include Keysearch, Keyword Tool Dominator, and Seller Tools.

Other tips for selling on Etsy

Printify for EtsyPrintify for Etsy

Guest Blogging

An excellent way to get more exposure is to connect with relevant bloggers and write posts as guests on their blogs. This allows you to build your network, publicize your products, and create links to your store, which is excellent for SEO. In addition to increasing your visibility, guest blogging helps you to be perceived as an expert in your field.

Use store statistics

The store statistics give you a lot of useful information, so be sure to log in regularly to keep track of your actions. Here you can identify what is working and what is not, and you can see important metrics like where your traffic came from and who mentions you.

Variety and quantity

There is no minimum number of ads in your store, but having a certain amount has benefits.

First of all, if a customer discovers your product in the search engine and enters your store, you will have a better chance of convincing the buyer with a good variety of products.

Secondly, it allows you to do experiments faster: different photos, keywords, prices, product types…

Respect customers

There are very heavy clients; we already know that. But first, it is the reputation of your business that matters. The impression they take of you can make them buy again and recommend your store or hate you forever. So, answer your questions quickly and politely, and also keep them up to date with the process (shipments, problems, etc …).

And as far as possible, solve the problems always in favor of the client.

What does this mean?

Sometimes the courier loses your package or the customer is wrong with the order, but it doesn’t matter whose fault it is.

Do not warm your head, resend the product, or return the money, and you will see how your reputation ends up attracting new customers.

Make your customers come back

Not only is it good for your business, but the Etsy algorithm also loves stores with recurring customers.

We’ve already talked about treating customers like kings, but that’s not the end of it.

Any ideas:

  • Send discount coupons for future purchases.
  • Special offers for the best customers.
  • Small gifts like badges or stickers.
  • Personalized thank you cards.
  • A bit of ethics, please

This seems obvious, but it would surprise you…

There is a line that separates marketing from deception, and you should never cross it.

Do not use the photos in a deceptive way to appear measures or results that you don’t really have.

In short, do not promise more than you sell, or you will be fried to negative reviews, and your brand will be stained forever.

Use shop ads

The Store Announcement feature is located at the top of your store page and can be used to alert buyers to – you guessed it – making important announcements about your store. This could, for example, alert buyers to a sale in your store or let them know you are not there.

Etsy recommends making short announcements, rather than using other sections of your store like the About page, which allows for longer text.

Make it happen right now.

We hope these Etsy SEO tips and tricks for selling on Etsy will form a good foundation for your store and get you on the road to success – do you have any other tips to share?

Let me know in the comments section. If you know other Etsy sellers, do not hesitate to share this post, so they also benefit. 

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