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20 ways to take Spring/Summer 2020 color trends from the runway to your store

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20 ways to take Spring/Summer 2020 color trends from the runway to your store

Every year the people at Pantone tell us what colors to wear for the season and give them the official fancy title of “this season’s color trend”.

Sometimes it’s bright vibrant contrast and sometimes it’s different shades of the same color. Most fashionistas don’t know why Pantone is the be-all-end-all of colors, all we know is when they say red, we see it everywhere on the runway. The advantage of knowing your seasonal color trends is by only using the right shade, you can quickly transform your store to a very fashionable one. That’s why we encourage all sellers to hop on the trends and let’s take you on a ride in this technicolor bandwagon.

The Pantone Color Institute publishes the season’s colors for the fashion industry every year. Forecasting the trends, the Fashion Color Trend Report is fashion’s guide to the season’s most important color trends.

For Spring Summer 2020, there are the top, as well as four classic neutrals.

Just as predicted, these colors ruled the runways from New York to Milan as fashion designers introduce their new spring/summer collections

What colors should you try this season?

This year’s Spring Summer colors are 12 shades ranging from muted vibrant colors, cool primary colors to earthy neutrals. It is a season filled with warm and vivid reds and oranges, with names like ‘Fiery Red’ and ‘Orange peel’. Each one of these is memorable in its own right, from Sunlight to the soft Pistachio green, or if perhaps you like a more minimalist approach, you’ll appreciate the copious neutrals that make an impact, like Lark and Oyster Mushroom. Below is Pantone’s vibrant palette and how to take it to your store.

Vibrant brights

color trends 2020color trends 2020

Earthy Tones

Muted tones


1. Fiery Red

This balanced but vivid and dynamic true red tone is one of the spring 2020 color trends that we think everyone with a fiery side will adopt. Perfect for something fun and wearable, it graced the runways in different forms like breezy strapless dresses, complete with a fun asymmetrical hemline. Only slightly more out there was a combination of feather-embellished satin trousers and blouse from Marques Almeida.

Embrace the trend

Add this trendy color to your store with this unisex heavy blend hooded sweatshirt from Printify. Crafted for comfort, this lighter weight soft and snazzy sweatshirt is perfect for working and relaxing at home. Once it’s on, it’s impossible to take off.

2. Flame Scarlet

Flame Scarlet is the more subdued of the red shades and is suitable for formal settings like for evening dinners and red-carpet events. It is a true, neutral red that complements most skin tones beautifully and exudes confidence without being loud. Flame Scarlet intrigues, but it does not overwhelm. As seen on the runway this season, it was showcased in flowy dresses that felt simultaneously demure and confident, with simple cuts. Many of the designs were reminiscent of the ‘90s and were embellished with voluminous shrug constructions.

Embrace the trend:

Add this trendy color to your store with this unisex long sleeve tee in a classic fit. It is both cozy and stylish and is preshrunk to keep its shape for longer. Made of 100% ring-spun cotton, it is high quality and will serve as a cozy style piece for years.

3. Flame Orange

This rich orange shade is saturated and bright. It has a lot of reddish tones in it, which made Pantone compare it to the colors you see in a sunset. Because of that, we think it’s one of the summer 2020 runway colors that would be great for a casual and playful fit when the summer rolls in. The color was presented on the runways in a clubbier take on this color, with short flame orange dresses that were embellished with clear PVC panels and a few splashes of purple and blue, which actually emphasized the sunset effect.

4. Saffron

Saffron is an amber-yellow shade named after one of the most expensive spices. It is an appetizing color that is extremely flattering on darker skin tones. It is warm and vivacious but never loud – a perfect shade for summer. Saffron was seen on the runway in flowy wrap dresses that made us dream of Mediterranean vacation. It looks especially elegant, paired with brown and white accessories.

Embrace the trend:

Nothing better than an oversized beach bag that is also in style. Add the color to your store with our oversized Weekender Tote that is perfect for your weekend at the beach or in town. The wide-mouthed, durable bag holds a generous amount of personal items and is easily held by its thick rope handles.

5. Cinnamon Stick

Cinnamon might be the flavor of fall but this spicy color worked its way with ease into the spring 2020 color trends. It’s a brown tone that holds quite a bit of red in it, making it far too vivid to act as just a neutral. It pairs best with shades like coral and blush. On the runway, Cinnamon Stick was the color of studious corduroy jackets worn over sparkly clubwear in a unique, contradictory look. However, it also took a sophisticated turn on flowy Cinnamon Stick dresses that will surely be a hit with a more upscale crowd.

Embrace the trend:

Add the color to your store with these canvas boots with a gum sole. You can give them the extra oomph of color by adding designs in brown. These boots are soft and comfortable to wear. They have a breathable foamed insole to reduce heat, moisture buildup that keep them nice and fresh. They are perfect for everyday wear that shows a unique sense of style.

6. Beetroot Pink

Not many people realize just how bright a color beetroot is. This outrageous fuchsia is one of the most memorable summer 2020 color trends, thanks to its punchy intensity. On the runway, it was the color of choice for demure dresses with ruffled embellishments. It was also a base shade for fabric printed with lovely little flowers in Yellow Iris, another one of the season’s colors.

On the runway, it was combined with feminine ruffles as well as short A-line dresses with puffy sleeves.

Embrace the trend:

Give this color an unexpected twist with baby wears. Seen here in an infant Fine Jersey Bodysuit, gift it to new parents in the most fashionable way this season. The fabric is made with softness and comfort in mind, perfect for an infant’s sensitive, smooth skin. Personalize with a durable print that will survive the very first adventures of little explorers.

7. Grape Compote

Sweet but mellow, Grape Compote is a deep purple that is cooling and calming. It’s an easy choice for elegant dresses, but designers also loved it for oversized suits this season. Exuding the color of royalty, it graced the runways in oversized powerful blazers. Grape Compote dresses were all about the draping. Seen in shift dresses with ruffle accents and sprung in deep V-neck, and off-the-shoulder dresses.

Embrace the trend:

Add this trendy color to your store with this unisex long sleeve hoodie in a classic fit. It is both cozy and stylish and is preshrunk to keep its shape for longer. It’s made of 100% ring-spun cotton and fits any occasion. The color is deep and vibrant, making any outfit even more stylish.

8. Lovely Lavender

In keeping with the purple but muted trend the beauty of soft lavender is one to explore this season. It’s a gorgeous, delicate color that feels more sophisticated than some of the pinks and blushes we’ve seen. On the runway, many designers had a playful take on lavender, with slightly oversized overalls with a few embellishments or lacy lavender on fairly demure dresses of a see-through nature.

Embrace the trend:

Include this trendy color to your home decor store by elevating it with shades of the same hues. Apply it to our wide and durable shower curtains to give any bathroom a nice kick of energy. These quality shower curtains with print will add original touch to the most intimate room of one’s house.

9. Blush Beauty

Blush Beauty is a slightly darker and warmer coral pink hue. The Pantone Color Institute describes it as an embracing color that commands marvelous creations that envelope the body in a lovely shade. This trendy color was used on the runway to present long-sleeved feathery dresses that looked impossibly soft and welcoming. The satin fabric on dresses in Blush Beauty reflected light and appeared very upscale and chic. Despite the more severe accessories, which included a large black belt and the long-forgotten gladiator sandals, the elegance, and softness of the color was always felt.

Embrace the trend:

Embrace the soft delicate nature of this color by adding it to this unbelievably fluffy and warm sherpa fleece blanket. This high-quality cozy fleece blanket is impossible to leave behind, wherever one might go. The perfect size for snuggling on the couch, by the fireplace or at outdoor events.

10. Sunlight

Delicate and soft, Sunlight is one of the few more subdued spring/summer 2020 color trends. This lovely creamy yellow shade is a great choice for the hot seasons, because it fits into the warm color palette but also has a soothing effect. On the runway, it was a great color for unique mini dresses that looked nice and summery. It was the shade of choice for women’s suits with a loose but well-cinched cut. It was also the color of choice for a rough and soft juxtaposition where it was combined on a soft tulle skirt with black boots and dark makeup for an interesting contrast.

Embrace the trend:

What’s more soft and delicate than a perfectly made bed. Let the color trend make a statement on your seasonal home accessories with this beautiful microfiber duvet cover. This high quality super soft duvet cover with a durable color print is the envy of many. 

11. Neon Green-Yellow

This screaming greenish-yellow neon shade was one of the most in-your-face spring 2020 color trends. This is a color that will pop off of any and all skin tones. Clearly a color for the brave of heart. if you’re not afraid of a styling challenge this is the color for you. On the runway, we saw this shade used for fairly demure blouse designs. This neon color made a lot of sense for athleisure, and was a rather natural fit for spandex sweats and biker shorts. It was also presented in a variety of shades, some of which were less overwhelming to the eyes.

Embrace the trend:

Go big and bold by adding this trendy out there color on this unisex heavy blend hoodie. The hoodie itself is designed for comfort which means it could be the ultimate throw on for those lazy-but-make-it-fashion outfits. It is a lighter weight soft hoodie perfect for chill at home days or quick stylish fits.

12. Chive

Mistaken for what one would call “army green” Chive is meant to be a green you can taste. It is a deep, warm shade that is just a hair darker than an army green, but just as fierce. On this year’s runway, Chive was presented in more casual and very streetwear-inspired pieces. It was spotted on a shiny, long raincoat as well as a skirt and jacket combination.

Embrace the trend:

This unisex jersey tank is a cool way to add this earthy tone to your store. It is a well fitted boxy tank top perfect for a hot summer day or a run at the gym. Made of high-quality soft cotton, it’s a nice addition to anyone’s gym kit.

13. Storm

Colors living in a space between green and blue had a very strong in the spring/ summer 2020 color trends, with Strom being the deepest of them all. This magnificent jewel tone is sophisticated, elegant and certainly one of the more “matured” colors of the season.

On the runways, it was the vibe with skirt and blazer combinations that would be a great fit at any office. On-trend separates ruled as well, in the form of cargo skirt and unique zipped-up blouse The color was paired with rain boots and other “hard” accessories, giving it a grungy look.

Embrace the trend

Add this powerful color to your store with this Unisex Jersey Short Sleeve Tee that’s also a Printify bestseller. It has a cool unisex essential fit and is super soft. Made of ring-spun cotton, this well-loved favorite has an excellent quality print that makes one fall in love with it over and over again.

14. Biscay Green

This green-heavy aqua color is very lively and cheerful, but also creates a sense of calm within the warm summer 2020 color trends. It is a versatile color that can be played up in a wide range of collections, in every category and for every situation imaginable. On the runway, it ranged from evening wear on beautiful dresses to very flowy and more vacation-appropriate attire.

It also created a moment of ‘aqua in the office’ on power-suits and on casual streetwear on raincoats.

Embrace the trend

Take your athleisure to the next level with Biscay Green on this women’s racerback tank top. Made of high-quality material, this slim fit tank-top is sure to turn heads. The racerback cut looks good on the shoulders and gives it an extra edgy look.

15. Tanager Turquoise

Turquoise is a naturally vibrant color suitable for the warmer season. It’s blue enough to have the cooling effects of the ocean, but also green enough to feel like it evokes the liveliness of the plant world. On the runway, it appeared in surprisingly modest dresses where multiple were inspired by the 60’s and had embellishments.  Turquoise was heavily used in collections that felt totally fresh and cool. It was also used for full-coverage jumpsuits as well as for clubby dresses and separates.

Embrace the trend

Try this muted version of the color trend with this unisex long sleeve hoodie. It is has a classic fit and is cozy and stylish. It’s made of 100% ring-spun cotton and is preshrunk to keep its shape for longer. The cool and calm color gives it an aura of being calm and collected.

16. Classic Blue

Surprisingly, there were more appearances of greens and blues in this spring-summer 2020 runway colors. Classic Blue is a deeper and more saturated true blue, with the level of elegance similar to a sapphire gemstone. On the runway, this shade to give a royal touch to geometric evening wear creations, which consisted of fitted bodices and large, slightly misshapen skirts. Classic Blue was also featured in flowy dresses and suits and can be seen worn with a matching hat and black blouse.

Embrace the trend

Add this elegant color to your store with this modern date on the classic sweatshirt. Providing comfort with style, this soft cotton, and a high-quality sweatshirt will make it an instant-love by all who wear it.

17. Faded Denim

One of the more subdued colors of the summer 2020 color trends was Faded Denim, a gentle blue shade that is calming and easy on the eyes. It seemed to counter all of the extreme brights and vivids to bring a sense of lost calm. On the runway, there were, of course, many examples of this color in the form of actual denim, but other fabrics in Faded Denim blue were very appealing. A few examples were on pantsuits and a leather jacket as well as on long rain jackets. This color seemed to pair very well with matching pants, shorts, and skirts.

Embrace the trend

Trick the eye with this beautiful AOP pencil skirt in the color of the season. Made to fit comfortably and soft, this high-quality pencil skirt is cut close to the body. Inspired by the freedom of creativity, it’s perfect for standing out on any occasion.

18. Oyster Mushroom

This has to be the lightest, coolest gray imaginable that ended up being a spring-summer favorite neutral. This shade feels very delicate and somewhat powerful depending on how it is combined. It makes for a wonderful alternative to white. Its delicateness gives it an almost airy, heathered look perfect for warm weather. On the runway, it was presented in lots of flowy dresses and asymmetrical elegance.

Embrace the trend

Add this color to your store with this cool polo shirt with a professional, classic cut. This customizable polo shirt is perfect for a casual night with the boys or a first date.

19. Lark

Lark is a warm earthy color that can be classified as tan, light brown, or even khaki. It is fairly warm compared to similar shades from other seasons, so it was a good fit for hippie dresses just as much as it was for trench coats.

On the runway, Lark appeared heavily in the form of a full feathered gown as well as the base color for patterned jackets and short overalls. Coats in Lark showed up on a variety of runways, with some having a voluminous silhouette. Dresses in Lark felt elegant but also a little bit ‘70s hippie because of its earthy tones.

Embrace the trend

Add this earth color to your store with this unisex AOP Zip Hoodie. This soft lined jacket will be a great transition for spring as you enter the warmer months. It’s a great all-over print zip hoodie that is easy to customize without fear of visible white lines at the seams. It features a large front pocket, black zipper, a roomy hood.

20. Brilliant White

Stark and striking, nothing beats the classic Brilliant White. For this season, this shade was meant to look demure and give a kind of ethereal charm. This is a shade that can only be worn by the fearless, the kind of woman who has never spilled red wine on herself or bumped into a cup of coffee. It is the whitest white that quickly became the essential neutral of the spring/ summer 2020 color trends. On the runway, it came in iteration, especially on dresses. Perhaps to avoid looking like bridal wear, the dresses had wrapped elements at the skirt, with the voluminous sleeves that seem to pop on more designs this year. The color was used to combine a demure feel with a touch of seriousness and maturity.

Some designers opted for more easy-going white dresses and separate and just like in this article, it mostly appeared as the final punch before the show ended.

Embrace the look

It’s easy to add this color trend to your store as it is the base color to many products such as this premium cotton crewneck t-shirt. Add a nice design, perhaps in a different Spring/Summer color and your store gets added points for fashion. This Comfortable and lightweight fitted tee is a classic short-sleeve choice. It’s a tried and true everyday favorite.

According to Pantone Color Institute, this year’s Spring/Summer color trends express our desire for a sense of the familiar.

Friendly and relatable, it’s a palette of colors that convey a sense of ease. At the same time, in this era of personalized self- expression, this palette of recognized favorites uses familiarity to take some unique twists that highlight elements of humor, modernity, and entertainment. 

We hope you agree, and that you embrace these colors to create an even more fashionable store. We made sure we showed you a variety of products you can inject the trend, not just on clothes. Take the leap of faith in trendy fashion and start selling today.

Make it happen right now.

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