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101 Product ideas to sell on eBay

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101 Product ideas to sell on eBay

That’s right people, Printify is now connected with the most powerful online marketplace on the internet – eBay! Now we are sure that you are excited to get your eBay shop up and running, but what use is a shop without products. 

Fortunately for you, we have compiled a list of 101 products to sell on eBay – but before we jump right in, did you know that eBay has more than 250 million product searches every day. That’s around 11 million per hour, the most popular of these searches is men & women’s fashion items.  

Among women’s fashion items, buyers are going crazy for handbags, dresses, and boots – while men’s fashion centers around athletic shoes and coats. With this in mind, putting your product list together ready to sell on eBay is essential. 

So without further hesitation…

Check out our list of 101 product ideas to sell on eBay with print on demand

Unisex Jersey Short Sleeve T-Shirt + your design

The perfect start for any eBay store. Unisex short sleeve t-shirts are the perfect combination of value and quality. Loved by everyone and super versatile.

Product review: Bella + Canvas 3001

Super soft cotton and excellent quality print make one fall in love with it over and over again.

Kiss-Cut Stickers + your design

A bestseller on Printify and a product that could soon become a bestseller on your eBay store. A sticker that is cut into any shape you like and available in 4 sizes – kiss-cut stickers are the ideal product to sell on eBay.

Unisex Heavy Cotton T-Shirt + your design

Another classic product which you should sell on eBay. Made with eco-friendly manufactured cotton, this t-shirt is built to last. Knitted in a way that keeps fabric waste to a minimum – perfect for the eco-conscious buyer. 

Unisex Heavy Blend™ Crewneck Sweatshirt + your design

Who doesn’t love a good sweatshirt! Affordable, great quality and a hugely popular item to sell on eBay. Made with 50% cotton and 50% polyester, this sweatshirt will keep its shape and stand the test of time.  

Men’s Cotton Crew T-Shirt + your design

Every man needs a reliable t-shirt and this cotton crew tee is here to deliver. With a premium fit perfect for everyday use, it’s the perfect item to sell on eBay.

Unisex Heavy Blend™ Hooded Sweatshirt + your design

Selling a hooded sweatshirt on your eBay store is a no-brainer. This Unisex Heavy Blend™ hoodie is the perfect item to draw customers to your store, helping you sell on eBay.

Women’s Ideal Racerback Tank + your design

A great addition for any eBay store that wants to add some women’s fashion. This Racerback tank is extra lightweight and primed ready for the summer season.

Sublimation Socks + your design

Socks are boring, right? WRONG! Sublimation socks are one of the most eye-catching ways to sell on eBay. Fleece-lined for extra-comfort and available in three sizes. What else could you ask for in a sock? 

White Ceramic Mug + your design

Browsing eBay with a cup of coffee? Adding a custom printed mug to your eBay store is a clever move – especially one that will grab the attention of potential customers. Dishwasher and microwave safe, an all-over print and a large handle all add up to quality mug that will last, available in both 11oz and 15oz sizes.

Crew Socks + your design

Socks have seen somewhat of a fashion revolution lately, making them a great product to sell on eBay. These crew socks have a cushioned bottom for extra comfort, they are also available in three lengths, so you can get creative with your designs.

Premium Matte vertical posters + your design

If art is your thing then eBay is the platform to show it. Premium matte vertical posters are printed on 175gsm fine art paper and are available in 7 different sizes. The print turn-around is less than a day on average, allowing you to offer speedy delivery, something all customers love.

Square Stickers + your design

You see stickers everywhere, from laptops to bus stops. Add your custom stickers to your eBay store and who knows where they might end up – just remember, every sticker is a window to your store. 

Unisex AOP Cut & Sew T-Shirt + your design

Custom sportswear is a huge industry, with a unisex AOP Cut & Sew T-Shirt you will be ready to sell on eBay in a flash. Specially designed to draw sweat away from the body, this custom all over print shirt will give you a headstart on your competition.

Unisex Trucker Hat + your design

Get the vintage look for your store with this Unisex Trucker Hat. 100% cotton front, 100% polyester mesh on the back, the perfect addition to sell on eBay.

Unisex College Hoodie + your design

Comfort and style, everything we associate with a good hoodie. A Unisex College Hoodie is a great item to sell on eBay, especially for the college season.

AOP Tote Bag + your design

Bags are one of the biggest sellers on eBay, therefore having a good selection for your store is a good idea. The AOP Tote Bag is made from 100% polyester, offers all-over print design and is designed to last.

Spun Polyester Square Pillow + your design

Turn a house into a home with some custom print polyester pillows. Double-sided print, removable cover and machine washable, soft furnishings that will help you sell on eBay.

Men’s Fitted Short Sleeve T-Shirt + your design

Menswear is among the top eBay searches, so make sure that you add some men’s tees to your store. This Fitted Short Sleeve T-Shirt is made from 100% soft cotton, providing a great fit for an active lifestyle.

Kids Heavy Cotton™ T-Shirt + your design

Parents aren’t only searching eBay for ways to improve their own wardrobe, they are also shopping for their kids. So what better item to sell on eBay than a Kids Heavy Cotton™ T-Shirt – perfect for kids who just want to play and look good doing it.

Accessory Pouch w T-bottom + your design

Imagine a life without accessories, how boring would that be. Lucky for your customers we have some great options you can sell on eBay. From cosmetic bags to pencil cases, Accessory Pouches are as versatile as they come. 

Unisex Twill Hat + your design

Another classic item that will help you sell on eBay. A Unisex Twill Hat is ideal for any occasion – made from tough cotton twill, your customers will be able to rely on this hat for a good few years.

Case-Mate Tough Phone Cases + your design

Did you know that last year eBay sales from a mobile device reached $20billion – help your customers protect their phone with a Case-Mate Tough Phone Cases. Lightweight but tough, impact-resistant and they support wireless charging. 

Sherpa Fleece Blanket + your design

Snuggling up under a fleece blanket to watch a movie, or to perhaps browse eBay? Either way, your clients won’t be able to resist your custom printed fleece lined Sherpa blanket – available size 50”x60”.

Spiral Notebook – Ruled Line + your design

Back to school, taking notes in a meeting or just jotting down new product ideas to sell on eBay can all be done with a Spiral Notebook. 120 pages with a full custom print front cover.

Men’s Very Important T-Shirt + your design

Why settle for a standard tee when you can offer a Very Important T-Shirt! Not only high quality but also a great semi-slim fit give this tee a premium feel. Add your custom design and you have the perfect t-shirt to sell on eBay.

Canvas Gallery Wraps + your design

eBay sells $15,000 in art and collectibles every minute – so selling your custom print artwork on the platform is a given. These Canvas Gallery Wraps are available in 12 sizes and feature a 100% cotton rag and a lifelong color guarantee.  

Unisex Tri-Blend 3/4 Raglan T-Shirt + your design

Easy fit leisurewear still has a firm place in many people’s wardrobe. From sporting team colors to workwear that connects a team – A Unisex Tri-Blend ¾ Raglan T-Shirt ticks all the boxes.

Accessory Pouch + your design

Much like the Accessory Pouch w T-bottom, these accessory bags are hugely versatile. The only difference here is in the design of the bottom, the Accessory Pouch is more slimline, perfect to put inside a handbag or backpack. 

Tumbler 20oz + your design

Help your customers reduce single-use plastic by offering one of these 20oz Tumblers. Made from stainless steel and offering all-over print, this tumbler will keep your coffee warm and your water cold (not at the same time) – Another eco-conscious way to sell on eBay.

Tote Bag – Vintage + your design

Help your eBay customers cut down on the number of plastic bags they use with a vintage tote bag. Environmentally-friendly manufactured and strong, just another responsible way to sell on eBay.

Beach Towel + your design

A must need a companion for any beach holiday, spa day or for lazing around the pool. Custom print beach towels are great as part of a larger collection of items to sell on eBay. Super absorbent and available in two sizes, with full print on one side. 

Kids Fine Jersey T-Shirt + your design

Kids are always in need of new tees, a Fine Jersey T-Shirt is the ideal item to sell on eBay. Made from strong, lightweight cotton this tee will stand up to the rigors of childhood playtime.

Metal Pin + your design

Pin badges are among some of the most collectible items on eBay. From vintage to exclusive, these little pins pack a punch. Made from a pewter base, the vibrant colors will help your metal pin stand out.

Youth Hoodie + your design

Just like adults, kids love a hoodie, especially one with crazy, fun designs. Just another great item of kids clothing to sell on eBay, these hoodies are 50% cotton and 50% polyester, so they are soft but tough.  

Indoor Wall Tapestries + your design

A unique way to get your artwork on the wall. With so many customers searching for custom art, a wall tapestry is a great item to sell on eBay. Available in eight sizes and water/mildew resistant, your artwork will for years to come.

Men’s Heather Dri-Fit T-Shirt + your design

Active leisurewear is a huge market on eBay, so get your custom sportswear out there, ready to sell on eBay. This Men’s Heather Dri-fit T-Shirt is made from 100% polyester, keeping its shape even for the most active guys.

Black Mug 15oz + your design

The humble mug, something we use every day without giving it a second thought – however, most people still have their favorite. Liven up your customer’s coffee tables with a full wrap design mug, both dishwasher, and microwave safe – the black mug is also available in a smaller 11oz size.

Stainless Steel Travel Mug + your design

We live busy lives, many of us are constantly on the go – a stainless steel travel mug is perfect to help stay hydrated. It’ won’t rust, it’s leak-proof and features full sublimation printing.

Color Changing Mug + your design

Novelty items always sell on eBay. This color-changing mug is a great way to add some fun to your morning. Get creative with your designs as they are revealed once a warm drink is poured into the mug. Available in both 11oz and 15oz sizes, also microwave safe.

Shower Curtains + your design

Showertime has never been more fun, adding a shower curtain as part of a bathroom collection is a fun way to sell on eBay. One-sided print with a water repellent coating and fast-drying polyester material. 

Weekender Bag + your design

Considering that bags are one of the most popular searches on eBay, offering a bag as versatile as a weekend bag is a good move. Made from 100% spun polyester with strong rope handles, this bag is the perfect item to sell on eBay. 

Unisex Flat Bill Hat + your design

A fashion classic that’s primed to sell on eBay. Snap-back, a flat peak with a contrasting color, a must-have for any fashion store. 

Women’s Crop top + your design

Women’s activewear is just as popular as men’s, especially for yoga. A crop top is the perfect balance of style and practicality. Made from 52% cotton and 48% polyester, it’s super lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Flexi Cases + your design

Phone cases are one of the biggest sellers on eBay, they are also a great product to start your store with due to so many variations of the same product. This flexi case is slim form, non-obtrusive and supports wireless charging. 

Case-Mate Slim Phone Cases + your design

Custom print phone cases are sold in their tens of thousands every day on eBay. Adding your unique designs could kick-start your store and help you sell on eBay. A Case-Mate Slim Case is tough, super slim with rubber inside plate. 

Men’s Moisture Absorbing T-Shirt + your design

Some of the sports industries’ largest brands started their journey by learning to sell on eBay. Your store could be the next in line, with offerings like a men’s moisture-absorbing t-shirt – made from 100% polyester and featuring PosiCharge technology. 

Stainless Steel Water Bottle + your design

As we all become more aware of the impact single-use plastics have on the environment, we all seek out better alternatives. A stainless steel water bottle is the perfect item to sell on eBay, it also comes complete with an open and close carabiner.

Knit Beanie + your design

Get your eBay store ready for winter with a custom embroidered beanie. Made from 100% acrylic, it will keep you warm while looking great. 

Women’s Tri-Blend Dolman + your design

If adding a range of women’s clothing to sell on eBay is your aim, then you need to have something for everyone. This Tri-Blend Dolman is perfect for any woman that wants a loose fit, yet super soft and comfortable tee. Made from 50% polyester; 25% soft cotton and 25% Rayon. 

Journal – Ruled Line + your design

In today’s fast-paced world, we rarely take the time to actually sit down and write. So for those who still appreciate these moments, creating a beautiful journal could be a great little niche. Featuring full wrap print design, hardback cover and 128 pages. 

Wall clock + your design

Time is of the essence, so get your eBay store up and running with some fun wall clock designs. High quality builds with a wooden frame, this wall clock will stand the test of time, proudly placed on your customer’s wall.

Men’s High-top Sneakers + your design

eBay is home to the largest collection of coveted sneakers on the planet, so if you’re an aspiring sneaker designer, you need to sell on eBay! A fashionable high-top sneaker is a great way to start, made with pleather and a nylon canvas these sneakers are comfortable and stylish. 

Women’s Cut & Sew Casual Leggings + your design

Leggings know no boundaries, from the gym through to a night out, a well-designed pair could easily become a bestseller on your eBay store. Featuring all-over print, six sizes, and a fashionable skinny fit, these leggings will stand everything they are asked to do. 

Dog Tag + your design

With fashion accessories in such high demand on eBay, finding your niche could be very profitable. Adding a product like dog tags is a great way to start, made with lightweight aluminium and printed in full digital color, your design will really stand out.

Unisex 3/4 Sleeve Baseball T-Shirt + your design

Athletic wear is considered a top 10 best seller on eBay, so if this is your niche you need to make sure you’re ready to sell on eBay. A ¾ sleeve baseball tee is ideal for spring and autumn sports, keeping you warm but also allowing free movement. 

Women’s Bikini Swimsuit + your design

Beachwear has become a major fashion industry, especially for those who sell on eBay. A bikini is always going to turn heads, so your designs can take it up another level. A heat sublimation procedure means the print won’t fade in the water.

Shoulder Tote Bag – Roomy + your design

Environmentally friendly essentials are a great way to bring people to your eBay store. You can start by offering an alternative to a standard plastic shopping bag with a customized shoulder tote bag – made from 100% cotton this bag is light but very durable.

Bag Tag + your design

Losing luggage sucks, so help your customers reduce that risk as much as possible with a custom printable bag tag. Made from strong plastic with the durable plastic strap, this little tag will help your customer’s bags stand out from others.

Duffel Bag + your design

An essential bag to have for any occasion, create your custom duffel bag to sell on eBay. Each bag is lightweight and made from tear-resistant Oxford fabric, offering all-over-print. 

Single Loop Necklace + your design

If you are creating custom jewelry, you need to be priming your products to sell on eBay. Take a look at this single loop necklace, made from 18k gold or sterling silver, it’s a beautiful, elegant item that can give your eBay store the wow factor. 

Tumbler 10oz + your design

Being mobile means saving on space and weight, you can try adding a custom printed 10oz tumbler to your eBay store. Stainless steel and designed to keep the contents warm or cold, this tumbler could be a great little item to sell on eBay.

Latte mug + your design

A kitchen or office can never have too many mugs, however, it can have too many boring ones. Add a custom printed latte mug to your eBay store to help your customers add some color and inspiration to their desks and tables. High-quality sublimation printing means you can get creative – the mug is also dishwasher and microwave safe.

Snap Cases + your design

How do your customers choose from one phone case to the next? You amazing print designs are a good start, and a great way to sell on eBay. These snap cases are lightweight, tough and slim form, so they won’t bulk up your customer’s pockets. 

Laptop Sleeve + your design

Computer and tablet accessories are one of the hottest categories to sell on eBay. Your custom printed laptop sleeve is a perfect fit – offering foam padding and printing on one side. 

Bath Mat + your design

Complete your bathroom set with a soft, memory foam microfiber bath mat. If you’re going to sell on eBay, you want to make sure you can make the most of the home wear customers. 

Unisex Casual Shoulder Backpack + your design

From back to school to starting a new job, a good backpack is always in demand. Your custom designs can help customers stand out from the myriad of standard bags. This casual shoulder backpack has 6 compartments for books, laptops, and other items padded back and is made from 100% oxford canvas material.

Unisex French Terry Crew + your design

A casual crew jumper is an essential part of most wardrobes, not to mention the starting point for many eBay stores. Get your spring and autumn designs ready to sell on eBay. This French Terry Crew is lighter than a hoodie but warmer than a tee.

Ceramic Ornaments + your design

The holiday season is an eBay bonanza and items like ceramic ornaments are a must sell on eBay. Create your custom prints and take pride of place on Christmas trees around the world – made from 100% ceramic and printable on one side. 

Journal – Blank + your design

If stationary is your thing then you should be adding a blank page journal to your eBay store. Perfect for doodlers, the 128 blank pages are wrapped in a fully customizable hardback cover. 

Unisex Flip-Flops + your design

Falling firmly into the fashion category on eBay, flip flops are a big seller. Make sure that your custom print flip flops are eye-catching and colorful and you will have no problems to sell on eBay. 100% rubber with full-color print on the sole, featuring slip-resistant outsole. 

Kids T-Shirt + your design

As more parents turn to eBay to buy their kid’s clothing, adding a kid’s t-shirt to your eBay store is a great way to drive sales. High-quality custom print on a 100% soft cotton tee will be a hit with parents and kids alike. 

Women’s Skater Skirt + your design

All over print skirts are on-trend right now, and probably forevermore, so don’t miss out and make sure you add a custom print skater skirt to your eBay store. Versatile fit, high rise elastic waistband, and lightweight, perfect for long summer days.

Men’s Sneakers + your design

Sneakers are one of the most popular searches in the menswear category on eBay. If you’re aiming to target the sneakerheads then you need to have these ready to sell on eBay. Made with 100% nylon canvas, high-quality print, and a soft foam insole.

Men’s NUBLEND® Hooded Sweatshirt + your design

Custom hoodie is a wonderfully versatile item, they are worn by sports teams, workwear and are hugely popular in the e-sports sector. So if you’re looking to get into the fashion industry, you should sell on eBay. This loose fit hoodie is made from strong polyester that gives a subtle luxurious feel. 

Cord Bracelet + your design

Custom fashion is huge on eBay, with people searching for something that is unique. This cord bracelet is made from 18k gold or sterling silver, with a strong, stylish twill cord.

Men’s Boxer Briefs + your design

We all know that men usually settle for boring briefs, so with your custom-designed boxers, you could be in a prime position to sell on eBay. These lightweight boxer briefs are made from 100% polyester and feature all-over high-quality print.

Poly Scarf + your design

Fashion accessories are always trending in the hottest categories on eBay. So make sure your customized print scarfs are ready to sell on eBay. These poly scarves are available in two sizes, made from a light airy polyester chiffon material with all-over print.

Infant Fine Jersey Bodysuit + your design

One thing is for sure, as a parent your baby can never have too many bodysuits. So it’s no wonder so many turns to eBay to search out fun custom print designs. 100% fine cotton these bodysuits are soft on the skin bet tough enough to withstand the demands of infancy. 

Box Chain Bracelet + your design

Made in the good ol’ USA you can proudly display your custom printed fashion accessories on eBay. Made from 18k gold or sterling silver and both nickel and lead-free, this bracelet is a delicate, beautiful accessory that you will have no problems to sell on eBay.

Women’s Slouchy top + your design

The perfect top for a lazy Sunday, or for doing some household chores – but that doesn’t mean your customers are looking for a boring top. Add your custom designs to this slouchy top and see how many you sell on eBay. Extra light fabric with a slouchy, loose fit.  

Women’s High-top Sneakers + your design

High-top sneakers have seen a huge resurgence in the women’s fashion scene and new brands are doing their best to sell on eBay. You can get creative with your designs on these nylon canvas sneakers.

Unisex Heavyweight Fleece Crew + your design

The perfect winter accompaniment, every wardrobe needs a cozy fleece-lined crew. Add your custom designs to this firm favorite and you will soon be ready to sell on eBay. Made from 55% cotton and 45% polyester, this sweatshirt will keep you warm and stylish.

Youth Short Sleeve T-Shirt + your design

Kids want to look cool, your custom designs will help them stand out. From the classroom to the playroom, this short sleeve tee is made with 100% fine cotton for a soft but strong tee that will repel everything your kids can throw at it.

Matte Onyx Bracelet + your design

If your store features American made goods then this is an item for you. A stylish fashion accessory that features your custom print design. Featuring natural onyx gemstones gives a luxurious feel that will make a real statement.  

Men’s Jersey Polo Shirt + your design

A classic polo shirt has multiple uses, from a day on the golf course to relaxed meeting, a custom-designed polo has a place in every man’s wardrobe. Featuring custom embroidery on a light jersey material.

School Backpack + your design

Every kid wants a cool backpack, and every kid wants their own style. Custom print backpacks are huge business and a great product to sell on eBay. This one has a padded laptop sleeve and is made from 100% polysynthetic leather.

Women’s Sneakers + your design

Adding a pair of customized women’s sneakers to your eBay store will attract buyers looking for unique designs. Made from 100% nylon canvas, these sneakers are comfortable, fashionable and durable, everything you need in a custom sneaker.

Women’s Pencil Skirt + your design

A pencil skirt can cross-over into so many different environments. From the workplace to a night out, a stylish custom print can become a real statement piece. Made from 95% polyester and 5% spandex, this figure-hugging skirt is a ‘must-have’ product to sell on eBay.

Unisex Fabric Backpack + your design

Off to college, or just need a bag to take to the office – a custom printed backpack will help your customers add some personality to their everyday commute. Perfect for holding books, lunch and a laptop, the 100% soft nylon material will keep its shape and stay strong even when under heavy load.

Can Holder + your design

There is nothing better on a hot day than a cold refreshing drink. Now your customers can keep their drinks chilled with a can holder that traps cold air, keeping their can of drink cool for a long time. It’s this kind of novelty but practical gift that will always sell on eBay.

Faux Suede Square Pillow + your design

Along with your other homeware items, adding a faux suede pillow to your eBay collection is a must. Add your custom print to both sides of this 100% faux suede cover, including polyester pillow.

Women’s Cut & Sew Racerback Dress + your design

Being successful on eBay is all about being unique, this all-over print women’s cut and sew racerback dress is a great statement piece for your eBay store. A sporty but elegant fit, this dress will soon become a bestseller.

Polycotton Towel + your design

Towels are a blank canvas ready for your custom designs to take them to the next level. Made from extremely absorbent material that is soft on the skin, this polycotton towel is the perfect item for home, spa or the beach. 

Christmas Novelty Items + your design

The holiday season is a prime time to sell on eBay. Novelty items are flying off the sh(elves) and your store could hit the mark with one of these two items. No Christmas is complete without a custom printed stocking stuffed full of candies and gifts. Novelty can also be practical, that’s certainly the case with a custom printed Christmas tree skirt, catching fallen pine needles and providing a festive bed to lay the presents, ready for the mayhem of Christman morning. 

Women’s Classic One-Piece Swimsuit + your design

Looking great on the beach is made so much easier with a custom printed one-piece swimsuit. Back in fashion and preferred by many to a two-piece, this stylish swimsuit will be an easy sell on eBay. The sublimation style printing means your design won’t wear off in the pool and is resistant to many chemicals. 

Infant Long Sleeve Bodysuit + your design

Babies fashion is one of the fastest-growing markets, so make sure that your store is ready to sell on eBay. The long sleeve body is ideal for the colder months, while retaining a soft, durable feel, your design will benefit from the high-quality print.

Tough Cases + your design

As cell phones become more and more expensive, protecting them becomes a necessity. Fortunately, eBay provides the perfect platform for selling custom print phone cases. The tough polycarbonate outer shell provides excellent protection, while the 3D wrap print offers photographic clarity. 

Leather Bracelet + your design

By adding a jewelry range to your eBay store, you can very easily pick up some additional sales. This leather bracelet is a bold statement, featuring a selection of charms that you can custom print. 

Fleece Baby Bib + your design

A simple yet vital part of any baby’s wardrobe arsenal. This little baby bib can help keep tee, jumpers and baby suits clean and dry, keeping a smile on parents and their children’s faces. If you have a baby range, this is a great product to sell on eBay.

Women’s Briefs + your design

All over custom print briefs are more than just a fun way to brighten up the underwear drawer. Women’s underwear is booming on eBay and your designs could be flying out the door. Made from 100% polyester, these briefs are lightweight but extremely comfortable. 

Microfiber Duvet Cover + your design

Sleeping in a freshly made bed with a unique custom printed duvet cover is how many of us envisage our bedrooms to look. These duvet covers offer printing on one side with a contrast color on the other –  it’s good to have fun in the bedroom.

To make the most of these 101 items to sell on eBay, you should also take the time to set your listings up to maximize your chances of getting a sale. With Printify, you can create your products and automatically add them to your eBay store, from inspiration to fulfillment. 

So if you are ready to join the 25million other sellers on eBay, make sure that you use Printify to help you stand out from the crowd. 

Make it happen right now.

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