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10 tips on how to dropship sublimation socks like a pro

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10 tips on how to dropship sublimation socks like a pro

Are you planning to add socks to your eCommerce store? No? Why not? It’s an excellent idea! Let’s look at why sublimation socks are very well suited for a dropshipping business. 

Why sell sublimation socks?

“One can never have enough socks,” said Professor Dumbledore in the first Harry Potter book. And frankly, I agree. All of us wear socks, and I bet that you couldn’t remember two consecutive weeks without wearing any socks. But don’t be a bore, only wearing the blacks, the whites, and the greys, and don’t let your customers be boring – colorful sublimation socks are the new black! And whether you are just thinking of selling sublimating socks or coming up with cool designs as we speak, we’ve got all the info you need. 

Colorful sublimation socks are the new black

Source: Unsplash

I bet you have noticed the sudden popularity of socks. Socks are the main piece of nearly every person’s day-to-day wardrobe. They’re also a product that fosters so much potential when it comes to creativity and design, plus they’re an easy product for customers to switch up in their wardrobe. 

Besides, socks are now in fashion, and it looks like they have come to stay.

According to Zion’s Market research report, “the global socks market was valued around USD 11.7 billion in 2018 and is expected to reach around USD 24.16 billion by 2025, at a CAGR of slightly above 10.09% between 2019 and 2025.”

That’s what I call a lucrative business idea that you don’t want to miss out on. Sublimation socks are selling like crazy, and the demand for them is growing at a rapid pace. As eCommerce business owners who follow trends, and have their hand on the pulse of innovations, can you miss out on this hosiery boom? The answer is no.

Now, I’m sure you’re wondering how it is possible for a garment so common, so blah and barely visible, suddenly to be in fashion and everyone to want it. And the answer is simple: it’s not about wearing socks, it’s about wearing unique socks. The more colorful, original, and fun they are, the better! 

You’re still unclear as to why you should sell a pair or a hundred of sublimation printed socks, below I will give you some of the best reasons why you should.

sublimation socks best selling print on demand productssublimation socks best selling print on demand products
Blank sublimation socks
custom sublimation sockscustom sublimation socks
With Your Design

Commodity? Not anymore!

Even though sublimation socks are generally considered to be commodity products, in recent years, with the birth of luxury socks, socks have evolved from commodity products to fashion items. And because of this transformation into a luxury product, the socks market’s growth outpaces the overall growth of the apparel industry. Numbers don’t lie: almost 50% of men wear socks every day, even in summer. And because of the evergrowing sneaker trend, ladies are a huge part of the sock-buying crowd as well. 

Fact: Almost 50% of men wear socks every day.

The fact that almost half of all men wear socks daily, even in summer, means that the sublimation socks business is sustainable, and can draw in a steady income. What’s even more intriguing, each and every one of us loses an average of 15 socks per year. High demand it is! The more people lose their socks, the better it is for your sublimation socks business. 

Neverending demand

As I said, people wear A LOT of socks, and they lose a lot of them too. They wear socks everywhere: at home, at work, on a walk in the park, at the gym, on vacation. In each of these cases, sublimation socks come in handy (or footy?). Socks are the goods of daily demand, so their number usually exceeds 4-5 pairs. I personally have dozens of pairs of colorful socks for every possible occasion. Do you understand where I’m going with this? To the next reason why dropship sublimation socks!

Bigger order value

So now that we have found out that socks are and will be necessary everywhere and for everyone, guess, how often do people purchase ’em? It’s unfortunately impossible to tell, but because we know that they wear socks daily and socks, no matter how high quality, they do wear out. Therefore it’s safe to say that purchases of brand new pairs of socks happen quite often. So create a line of many different socks for your customers to splurge on. After seeing a lovely spread, they won’t be able to resist buying several pairs of socks at once. Your success with custom sublimation socks will depend on what you have to offer. Want to get your customers to buy more socks? Let’s move on to the next reason why sublimation socks are a great business opportunity. 

Your customers are basically everyone

Source: Unsplash

Because socks are such a universal accessory, there are multiple customer segments. You can produce a huge variety of categories of socks. Socks for home, for the garden, for showing off, for males, females, teens, adults, athletes, business people, teachers, musicians, artists, older adults… Build your marketing strategy for different audiences, give them a choice, offer them a variety of designs of socks. 

Low product price and tiny weight

Naturally, I couldn’t not include this fact. Sublimation socks are cheap. To profit from your dropshipping business, you put a certain markup on the products in your eCommerce store. And even if you do this with socks, it still is a low-priced product. And let’s not forget about shipping benefits: socks are very lightweight. And lightweight goods means low shipping costs. 

Mix & match

Socks are great products to mix & match. If your store has multiple sock design categories, create special offers – let your customers mix several designs in one purchase and offering them an irresistible price, thus increasing the chances of them buying several sublimation sock pairs at once. And then come back for more. You can try out different combos and then assess which ones sell the best. After that, you can expand your eCommerce store and offer more new cool sets.

Sublimation socks make for a great gift

Sublimation socks with print on demand, no money upfront

Sublimation Socks can be a unique gift for virtually anyone: men, women, kids… Custom sublimation socks make for a lovely and original gift that suits any occasion. you can give socks to a loved one, a friend, even a colleague or business partner. Take advantage of this and offer gorgeous sock sets and create exciting holiday offers. 

But what in the world is sublimation?

If you’re new in the print-on-demand dropshipping world, there are several different printing techniques. Today we’re going to be talking about the most eye-catching of them all: sublimation. Dye sublimation is a garment design process where inks are transferred onto textiles when applied with heat. If you’re looking for printed products that are long-lasting and feature distinct colors and high-resolution quality, sublimation is what you want. The best designed graphic apparel and home décor use the sublimation process to achieve that vibrant, all-over, everlasting graphics. 

In a nutshell, here’s how sublimation printing works:

  1. Design is printed with sublimation ink onto sublimation paper
  2. Sublimation sock is then placed onto a jig
  3. The sock is wrapped in the desired design
  4. Then it’s pressed in a heat press
  5. Voila! 

How does sublimation work? 

Sublimation printing uses heat to merge ink and fabric. The inks used in sublimation turn into gas when brought under heat, then combine with the textile and permanently print onto the textile. The result is permanent and less prone to fading, as the ink is embedded in the textile rather than simply laying on top like a regular print.

I think of sublimation almost tike tattooing where instead of skin is your desired product, in this case, sublimation socks. The “pores” of the fabric open up under the heat, then the ink cools with the applied pressure and goes back to a solid form.

Fact: By using the sublimation method, images won’t crack or wear after several uses, and the visuals will last as long as needed.

This quick yet effective digital print method is growing in popularity, especially for designs that rely on details. Sublimation printing, or ‘all over printing’ (or AOP), allows you to play around with designs that literally go from seam to seam, hence, all-over print.

Sublimated socks are a fun, low-cost product that your clients all around the world will love. I’ve seen so many people center their whole outfit around colorful, unique socks, that I’m sure it’s the perfect new addition to your eCommerce store. 

Sublimation socks design ideas

Source: Unsplash

Sublimation socks make for great gifts for family and friends. Custom socks are great for corporate gifts, theme parties, etc. Socks are fun to sell as they weigh next to nothing, so the shipping costs are low. In Printify’s catalog, you will find a perfect blank unisex sock to go wild with your designs with.

sublimation socks best selling print on demand productssublimation socks best selling print on demand products
Sublimation Socks – Printify

These high-quality sublimation print socks provide optimum comfort with style wherever they go – a subtle accent to complement office looks or an eye-catching statement for an extravagant outfit. They are lined with super soft fleece for extra comfort. And here’s 10 rad design ideas for your brand new line of sublimation socks. 

80s kids

Source: Etsy/ ElectricWest

Honor a truly bodacious decade with totally rad designs on your bestselling sublimation socks. 

Who’s a good boy?

Gimme a pair or four of some pupper socks! I’d put my paws on doggy sublimation socks anytime. You can even offer your clients to send in photos of their doggos to print on them sockies.

Where’s the food? 

There’s nothing people love more than food. Ok, maybe sleep, but that’s it/ Food is our EVERYTHING, so why not create a line of foods-themed socks? Ramen, pizza, tacos, sushi, hot dogs… The world is your oyster. Oh! Oyster socks. Yum! 

Into the wild

Source: Etsy/ Lenonce

Create a line of sock for all the wild souls out there! Nurture their wild soles (see what I this there) even when they have to dress up all pretty and formal. 

Geometry is sexy

Even though most of us used to hate geometry in school, you have to admit: shapes are sexy. Triangles, rectangles… And don’t get me started with octagons and hexagons!

Flower power

Who doesn’t love a good floral pattern, amirite? Be it classic or abstract, flowers are always en vogue. 

Festive festivities

No list of sock themes would be complete without Christmas or other festive socks. You can go nuts with the design here: snowflakes, reindeers, gingerbread houses, candles, trees, baubles, etc. You can even create a Grinchy sublimation sock line for all the haters out there. We’re an inclusive bunch; we get that not everyone’s as stoked about Christmas as I am. 

Meme it up

I’d love a good meme on my hosiery, won’t you? And there’s so much meme-able stuff going on that all you have to do is choose your fave. 

Ground control to Major Tom

With Space X’s successful launch back on May 30, the space theme is as popular as ever. 

Start creating your own sublimation socks today

Now that you know that socks are a great niche to conquer and I’ve hopefully inspired you with some of the design ideas, it’s time to get crackin’. If you haven’t already, set up your store, connect it to Printify and let the fun begin! And with fun, I mean their super state-of-the-art Mockup Generator with designing sublimation socks will feel like a ride in the park! 

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