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10 custom desk pads design ideas that can never go wrong

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10 custom desk pads design ideas that can never go wrong

You walk up to your friend’s computer space at work, or the cafeteria, and then you notice something interesting; they have a unique item on their workspace. Custom desk pads keep the desk area they work on protected from everyday wear and tear, but it also says something about their personality, hobbies, ideas, what motivates them, or what makes them tick.

Maybe it has a large picture of their cute kid looking up at them as if to remind them that someone’s waiting at home. You suddenly remember that you’ve been working for 10 hours straight, and maybe it’s time you went home. What is this fascinating item that sounds so practical yet seems to have only been discovered recently? That, my dear, is a custom desk pad, or desk mat if you prefer. It is the latest trend in chic office and workspace accessories. 

As the trend for customized desk pads rise, their potential for huge sales is growing. There are over 40,000 listings for desk pads currently on Amazon alone and one Etsy store has over 13000 sales for one of their desk pad designs in their store.

No need to “flip a table,” you can sell your custom desk pads, with zero investments.

Desk pads are beautiful large cushioned coverings for any desktop. They are designed to allocate a working space and minimize clutter, but they can be a stunning decor element to boot. Custom desk pads are in right now, and as a smart online seller, you’d be missing out on a massive opportunity for your store if you didn’t get on the desk pad craze. Start selling with print on demand.

Custom desk pads are easy to design, unique home decor, and versatile because they take any form and purpose you want them to be. They also make cool, personalized gifts. Printify has one ready for you to design.

Custom desk pads
Custom desk pads- close-up

Our fully customizable desk mats are perfect for that extra personal touch at work or in your home office. They are made of 4mm thick neoprene material, it has an anti-slip backing and hemmed edge for stability and durability. Design them in two sizes 12”x18” & 12”x22”, in different styles to add to your store or even glow up your workspace.

10 chic custom desk pads ideas that are selling fast

Source: Unsplash

The versatility of custom desk pads is what sells them so well. They can mimic any idea, personality, or style you want. They take a large amount of space on the desk, so when designing them, it is best to think about who they are intended for. There are many ways to design desk pads. We picked out 10 awesome designs that seem to be selling the best and compiled them. Now, you don’t need to spend too long getting started. Without furthermore to do, here are 10 chic desk pads design ideas that can never go wrong.

1. Nature designs that calm the anxious mind

Etsy – NoBadMondays
Etsy – WorkPlacesShop

Nature designs of water, epoxy, tree bark, pink salt, or rock formations are popular on custom desk pads. That’s because they have a calming effect when one takes a moment to look at them. Fluid waters with small waves crashing onto themselves make you feel like you took a dive into the deep blue sea. Beautiful emerald green waters make you feel like you are floating alone in a sea, watching the horizon as the tension in your neck melts away. When placed on a desk pad, these minimal chic designs created by nature make you crave an escape, but they are so beautiful you want to stay.

2. Office family photos taking a fresh look

Etsy – WildGooseArtandGifts

The tradition to display a family picture, that fun girl vacation in Santorini, or a pet, continues. People still want to bring a piece of home to the office. However, it’s the era of the internet, and like many things, we’ve gone digital, and so a wooden frame won’t cut it anymore. Now customers can have their entire extended family on display, 6th cousin and all, on one large custom desk pad. Special occasions, a wedding photo, graduation photo, and even their dream car are making appearances on custom desk pads.

Designing this type of desk pad will require some logistical arrangements because they have to upload the photo they’d like to personalize, but it is not impossible and is one of the most popular themes. So don’t let it intimidate you and get into the customized photo desk pad business.

3. From Manga to Anime and Studio Ghibli

Etsy – WorkPlacesShop

Japan has always been a leader in many things, and the world of characters is one of them. Of course, there are other characters from favorite cartoon shows we love, such as Ben Ten and the SCI-Fi movies and shows that create a following, such as Star Wars, Star Trek, and Lord Of The Rings. Recently, Avatar has made a comeback, and we all can’t have enough. Custom desk pads displaying a favorite show, movie, or game character are popular today. They are currently ranked at the top, as the gamer community seeks to have their setups accessorized. Designing with characters will take some groundwork – you want to get fair-use images only, and make sure you do not break copyright laws- but it is possible. Find out how best to find imagery that is legal and beautiful, and you’ll be on your way to creating one of the most sought after desk pads online.

4. I’m going on an adventure!

Etsy – JiyuSoul

Travel buffs are everywhere, with some merely working so they can afford to travel. For them, the working space is a break away from true happiness and they can’t wait to embark on their next adventure. For them, custom desk pads with the world map would be amazing…bonus if you design them in a way that they can use a marker to color in the places they’ve been. Perhaps for some, the appeal of long layovers and backpacks is lost on them. They rather fantasize about being in the galaxy, dancing with the stars (pun intended), or floating in the atmosphere. Give them a taste of the otherworldly by designing gorgeous maps of the universe, starlit skies, and space. To cater to an even wider audience, try star formations in zodiac signs.

5. “Hi, my name is…”

Etsy – TheNavyKnot

As the trends show, in the last few years, Simplicity in decor has not been very popular. We all crave beauty around us and even better if it feels awfully personal. That is why a popular trend is to create custom desk pads with chic floral minimal and geometric patterns, complete with the customer’s name or monogram. This is one of the trends that’s easy to do. All you need is to find patterns you like and offer customized services to your customers. Looking at the current desk pad listing, this type of design is doing well for online sellers.

6. ‘Too legit to Quit’ and other common sayings

Etsy – Casesisters

Inspirational quotes are as common today as they have ever been. They are joined by other words of encouragement, such as motivational quotes, famous sayings, proverbs, and riddles. They can be easy to design with quotes and saying as many are available online for free. Find different typography and fonts and you’re ready to design cool inspirational custom desk pads. Remember to play around with placement and font sizes to give them a distinctive touch that is uniquely yours.

7. Take a break, have a laugh.

Etsy – Fieldtrip

This one is for the creative thinker. The one that loves a good story and can appreciate a joke time and time again. If you’re a seller who also is good with creative writing or can tell a mean joke, this design style is for you. You may also choose to find interesting free-to-use stories, essays, jokes, and memes online for custom desk pads. Perhaps engage your customers in sending you their personal pieces to customize on the desk pads for them. A fun joke, essay, or short story on a desk pad makes such a charming gift.

8. An apple a day

This desk pad design is for customers that care about wellness and creating good habits. The savvy customers always look for something that triggers an action, such as a constant reminder to check their posture or hydrate. A desk pad can be just that. You can design custom desk pads with health and wellness themes that serve as reminders for everyday mundane actions. These actions include checking your posture, not missing a meal, drinking water, taking a screen break, standing up and stretching, taking a walk, and many more. Customers are sure to appreciate them for their thoughtfulness.

9. Made for the Do It Yourself-er and utility

Etsy – WorkPlaceShop

Tap into the DIY market with standard measurements and recipes for popular things. Universal measurement graphs such as the periodic table for students, math and physics formulae for the brainiacs, cups, and oz to grams and liters for the baker, or one on how to make an iron man suit, anything is possible. These super-intelligent desk pads will keep the juices flowing and help with everyday memorization. Maybe you are an architect or mechanical engineer, do you have specific information that is frequently used in the field? Put it on custom desk pads. The right customer will appreciate a well thought out desk pad.

10. If you’re reading this, it’s vintage.

Etsy – CharmingCoversStudio

A niche design style that is not overcrowded and has a very eclectic customer base, the vintage design style is one to go for. Vintage magazine covers, pieces of newspaper from the 1940s, books in “ye olde” English, and other eclectic collections are the way to go when designing for this type of niche. The color pallet is usually tans, taupes, and creams, which create a sense of adventure and intrigue. Designing custom desk pads in this style will appeal to the young and old alike, which broadens your customer base tremendously.

Now that you’re all set, let’s get started.

Head to the Printify catalog and pick the desk pad size you prefer. Use the free mockup generator from Printify to start designing new custom desk pads to add to your store. Printify hooks you up with efficient print providers that produce and ship custom desk pads directly to your customers. We connect over 300,000 online shops to our network of 15 print providers with 90+ printing factories. We also provide a direct channel to popular online store platforms such as Shopify, Etsy, eBay, BigCommerce, Wix, and more. By integrating with them, we ensure ease of use across these platforms, making it easy for you to sell on any of these platforms at no start-up costs. 

Don’t miss out, start designing custom desk pads today.

Make it happen right now.

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