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10 Best T-Shirt Designs Ideas For 2020

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The T-shirt is one of the well-known print on demand product ideas to sell in 2020. T-shirts are a staple in our everyday wardrobe – perhaps because they’re so versatile. They can act as a blank canvas for artwork in a way other clothing can’t and that means the possibilities for t-shirt design are endless.

From businesses to basketball teams to bands to wine parties, a great shirt can make a big statement. Whatever the message your t-shirt might send, you’ll need the right design style if you want to be heard. To help get you started, we’ve put together 10 Best T-Shirt Designs Ideas For 2020 that will catch your attention.

10 Best T-Shirt Designs Ideas For 2020

Best T-Shirt Designs for startups and businesses

In addition to keeping us warm and not letting us get naked, clothes also boost confidence and self-image. Now imagine if that feeling is associated with your brand. This is not only important for potential customers but also for your employees, who work with your brand on a daily basis.

One of the t-shirt related challenges for a business is getting people to wear it. Unless the design stands out and is particularly creative, you’ll have a hard time finding someone to put it in. No one wants to waste a fashion opportunity making your walking billboards. One useful tip: use images to tell your design story. Company names, slogans or any kind of company text tends to make the t-shirt design look like an advertisement. If your company has a brand personality that allows for a strong image (and yes, of course), quit pitching and focus on art.

Best T Shirt Ideas for events and conferences

If you are hosting a conference, you already have an audience that can afford to buy tickets, so buying T-shirts is not understandable. But beyond selling, an event t-shirt is a great way to create memorabilia that participants can look back on (and connect their experience with your brand).

Take advantage of the annual recurring events by developing a consistent design concept to “take the leap” each year. A “new and improved” tshirt design idea implies that each conference will be different and better than the last. And each t-shirt becomes a collector’s item for the attendees – both encourage repeated attendance.

Best T-Shirt Designs for parties and celebrations

Have you ever regretted that Friday night, you sit in your chair watching Netflix with a bucket of ice cream and you check your social media feed just to see a bunch of photos of your friends enjoying your party is (* ho *) busy attending? Yeah, me too… Man, that FOMO feels really murderous. Now imagine if everyone wore the same t-shirt.

The last party shirt marks party participants as members of an exclusive group and it can also be the badge of honor. After all, depending on the amount of alcohol involved, grand parties need to “survive”. While a t-shirt for your average home wearer might be a bit overwhelming, it is suitable for important events like birthdays or for large-scale festivals like Christmas. A t-shirt for party and celebration is high-rated as a great tshirt design inspiration.

Best T-Shirt Designs for sports and fitness

No one – not the coach, not the commentator, not even the players themselves – is as passionate about sport as the fans. Just ask these people. When you’re trying to sell a T-shirt, a complete and complete fandom is definitely a good thing. So cater to it.

While sports enthusiasts may be willing to stick with a T-shirt, that doesn’t mean you’ll let go by lazily tapping your team’s logo on it. Try reimagining your logo, like the classic approach applied to the San Francisco Baseball design. If you’re a retailer, take advantage of other conventional equipment and imagery for a creative illustration that engages the entire community about a particular sport.

As for fitness programs, the participants are striving against the toughest of opponents – their body, genetics, and willpower. So consider a t-shirt design that emphasizes the kind of strength and solidarity they will need to see the kind of results they desire.

Best T-Shirt Designs for bands and musicians

Your favorite shirt can sound like your favorite song – something that you turn over and over and it never goes out of style. Great music is something special and the great music on a T-shirt is even better.

The band’s tees are the staple at most concerts and for good reason. Just like sports fans, music lovers want to identify themselves as fans and find others like them – especially if their favorite band isn’t known by many. T-shirts help promote musicians but also build a community of fans around them.

Music is already art, so there is little constraint on what a band t-shirt design can convey, even though it should be more than your band logo or album artwork. But similar to an album cover, you’ll want something that evokes the mood or theme of the music itself, whether it’s computerized and abstracted or a design that goes back to the metal of the ’70s. and 80.

Best T-Shirt Designs for schools and universities

No need to make a necklace on your diploma, school outfits are the best way for students and alumni to show pride in their education. You’ve worked hard for it, so why not show it?

Pride in school and pride in home go hand in hand, and your designs can pay homage to both with clever illustrations like California High School’s. And if you really want your students to bring your words of wisdom home with them, consider a message-expressing T-shirt with a custom typeface.

For young children, you have more creative time (and more work to show them that school is more interesting than the latest video game). Harrison Schmitt Elementary School, for example, turns their students into space explorers, and – who knows – they might one day become.

Best T-Shirt Designs for clubs and organizations

Clubs are filled with people that have similar interests and hobbies, and a sweet communal t-shirt can go a long way in reinforcing those social bonds—just like teammates wearing uniforms. Giving members cool threads to wear around town or the gym can also help spread the club’s word-of-mouth.

Your cool t shirt designs sets the tone for how you will be perceived. If your club is seen as a little nerdy, an awesome shirt is a great step towards building a cool image. Or maybe your club isn’t for the faint of heart. A “join-at-your-own-risk” style can actually inspire people to rise to the challenge.

Best T-Shirt Designs for non-profits and charities

 for non-profits and charities

Sometimes a t-shirt design should make more statement than a fashion statement. While no one wants to think of anything in their closet as a capitalist advertising space, a design for nonprofits worthwhile is another story.

While the t-shirt won’t solve the world’s problems, its central position on the chest makes it a great space for awareness. And even if the theme is heavy, the design doesn’t have to be that way. Nonprofits focus on helping others, and a cheerful design can emphasize that positivity.

Best T-Shirt Designs for retail: Graphic tees

The tees graphic is what the shirt is made of. Think about it. Pants, buttons, coats, you can name it – they all tend to be solid color or patterned (and you just can’t show off the artwork well on the trouser leg). T-shirts with great artwork are a great way to look simply unique and interesting – and that’s why people turn to fashion in the first place.

Important notes to keep in mind for graphic tees are shape and position. Round, organic looks much more natural than square or rectangular. Square is for photo frames – not your body. Also, don’t feel as constrained to holding the design front and center like most other shirts – you’ve got your entire shirt, front and back, made of your canvas. Depending on how the illustration draws the eye, you can print it to the bottom, in the upper right where there may be, or just the entire square.

While the sky is the limit with graphic tees, this is the most common t-shirt use case, so make up for your creativity more than ever here.


Above are creative and unique t shirt design ideas for each shirt design purpose. Hope that 10 Best T-Shirt Designs Ideas For 2020 give you many good and useful ideas.

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