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10 best products to sell in the summer season

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10 best products to sell in the summer season

We’re getting closer to longer and warmer days, which means it’s time to get your summer designs in order! Packing your catalog with equal parts of trendy and evergreen products will ensure a steady trickle of sales throughout the season.  The 10 best products to sell in the summer season are…

Best selling print-on-demand summer products

For summer 2020, you can start off by picking some (or all!) of the items from our top-selling summer products to kick off your best season yet.  

Women’s Ideal Racerback Tank

Source: Printify Catalog

This sleeveless, summer-ready tank top can easily become your seasonal bestseller. Not only it is one of the most favorite types of performance tanks (perfect for hitting the gym or a Bootcamp session in the park), with the right color palette and a good design concept, it can also become a staple of casual wear.

Unisex Jersey Tank

Source: Printify Catalog

The unisex jersey tank is a wonderful summer product as it provides you with the opportunity to explore the “matching outfits” concept. With matching designs for men and women, it fits the bill to become the go-to item for festival-goers, newly-weds, and holidayers.

Tote bag

Source: Printify Catalog

Summer needs the tote bag as much as we need summer! It’s a bag that can hold anything: from lunch boxes and sunscreen to a pair of sneakers and a watermelon. And if it features the right design, a tote bag can easily serve as a fashion statement, too.  

Beach Towel

Beach Towel print on demandBeach Towel print on demand
Source: Printify Catalog

As one of the summer season’s must-haves, the humble beach towel lends itself beautifully to colorful, vivid designs. Make sure you’re leveraging the latest trends and colors to make your designs irresistible and drive up the sales.

Unisex Flip-flops

Source: Printify Catalog

Love ‘em or hate ‘em but we simply cannot live in summer without them. The must-have of anyone’s summer wardrobe is a great way to play around with unisex designs and use it as an upsell tool. It’s also a staple piece for newlyweds, festival-goers, and free-spirited beach revelers.

Water Bottle

Source: Printify Catalog

The new big trend is cool and funky water bottle designs. And of all seasons, summer is when customers will want to make sure they are well hydrated. This stainless steel bottle is not only good for the planet but with the right design, which could be excellent for your revenue too.

Fanny packs

Source: Printify Catalog

Summer is upon us, so are all outdoor events. For years, fanny packs have been hugely under-appreciated because of their nerdy looks, but they are finally receiving their well-deserved respect and admiration. Especially, if you can have complete artistic freedom and customize your brand new fanny pack to match your t-shirts, leggings and more! 

Baby bodysuits

Source: Printify Catalog

According to IBIS World, US industry revenue for baby clothing is expected to grow at an annualized rate of 13.5% to $2.5 billion over the five years. Be imaginative in what you sell and how you present it! Make sure you are up to date on what materials are popular and what the latest fashions are. Read more about custom baby clothes here.

All Over Print T-shirt dress

t-shirt dresst-shirt dress
Source: Printify Catalog

These effortless dresses are a must-have every summer and never fail to go out of fashion. Go formal or take a more laidback approach, either way, t-shirt dresses are here to stay. Perfect for brunch with friends or enjoying the long summer nights, there is a style for every occasion. Get creative with the all-over-print design and give your store the ultimate summer vibe. 

Unisex Twill Hat

twill hattwill hat
Source: Printify Catalog

A must-have summer accessory, from a day at the beach to keeping it lowkey for a drink with friends, a twill hat could be the final part of your summer outfit. Practical and fashionable, we like that combination. These hats are also ideal for anyone who likes the great outdoors, durable, and perfect for keeping the summer sun from beating down on your head.

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Make it happen right now.

How to determine the price of the product?

Source: Unsplash

When trying to determine the price of your products, you should consider a number of important factors.

First of all, study the market and figure out what your competitors are charging for similar products – a quick browse on Etsy or eBay will give you a pretty accurate range for every product.

Then you should also think about whether you want to cost your products based on the value customers attach to them or based on the costs to produce them – the stronger your brand, the higher perception of the value will be.

Another obvious aspect to consider is costs – make sure you work out all direct and indirect costs related to getting the product on the catalog. This can involve design costs, shipping, marketing and so on.

Finally, keep a close eye on the market. Sometimes, merchants can get away with charging much higher prices for emerging trends or time-sensitive products, such as potential Valentine’s Day gifts or festival-specific merchandise.

Stay ahead of the curve

Summer brings easy beachy vibes and the burning desire to pack your wardrobe with colors and designs that instantly spark joy. But how can you know what’s trendy and what’s so 2020?


By keeping an eye on what the influencers, Instagrammers and fashion giants are posting on their feeds. The greatest inspiration can be found online if you know where to look, and we’ve got the inside scoop.


This is a treasure trove of inspiration because that’s exactly where your customers hang out, like, and watch their favorite fashion icons present the latest trends. You can’t go wrong by following a few influencers, fashion brands and magazines to get the latest scoop on what’s hot.

Summer hashtags to follow and use:
  • #springsummer2020
  • #summer2020
  • #summerstyle
  • #summeroutfit
  • #summervibes
  • #summerdress
  • #summer2020
  • #summergoals
  • #springwatch
  • #springfashion
  • #springoutfit

Make sure to also have a look at what your competitors are doing. The best way to stay ahead is by being in the known. So get yourself online, and keep an eye on what colors and designs are getting the most likes.

Hottest summer trends

Every year we see a new trend emerge in the summer. Last year it was the cherry prints and endless unforgiving stripes. This year, it’s sunset hues, tie-dye, and animal prints.

Colour palette

Burnt orange, terracotta, wine, and rich red are the colors lining catwalks for summer 2020. Not a big shift from last summer, but these rich hues are excellent for designing statement flip-flops and tote-bags.

Read More: Spring/Summer 2020 color trends from the runway to your store

Neon is also making a come back from the 60s, and it’s a welcome change after the gloomy long winter months. With plenty of festivals to prep for, splashing a bit of neon pink is a great way to make your t-shirts and tank tops stand out.

If you’re looking for a more universal option, you can’t go wrong with a minimalistic pastel palette. The pleasingly muted neons and natural tones have taken the world by storm and look like they are here to stay. Great for creating product designs that can be recycled for any season later in the year.

Prints for AOP products

Source: Obey
Source: Asos

The decade of inspiration for 2020 is the colorful 60s, so it’s not surprising to see tie-dye also make an appearance. This is great news, because tie-dye is a print that’s easy to make, and looks good on any product – towels, t-shirts, tote bags, mugs, flip-flops.

The usual suspects like flowers, butterflies, and animal prints are still in high demand. Although, rather than leopard and tiger prints, giraffe spots have taken over for the summer. Keep it cute and minimal with your prints, and take inspiration from the color palette of 2020 when it comes to designing. Opt for abstract pastel animal prints on t-shirts, totes, and bikinis, and keep it natural for beach towels and mugs.

Don’t forget to have fun with your prints and throw in the classic tropical, pink flamingo and beachy prints into your catalog. Summer is about being carefree and having fun, and so should you with your designs.

Marketing tips

Prep in advance

Like with any seasonal marketing strategy, you should start early. Get to know what people are searching for and when with Google Trends. Check out Keywords Planner to find the hottest keywords trends, and use that to inform your tags, titles and product descriptions.

Tap into summer festivities

Another way to stay top of mind is by aligning your products with key summer events. Think about big celebrations like the Father’s day, 4th of July and Tour de France and include special promotions and designs to help customers celebrate them.

Social proof your designs

Stay active on social media, especially on Instagram. People shop with their eyes, and if they see your products on happy smiling customers they’ll be more likely to buy.

In fact, 70% of customers will trust a recommendation from someone they don’t know, so get engaging with your audience.

Key takeaways?

Rule number one is to keep your eyes peeled for emerging summer trends and start preparing early. Whether you’re relying on Instagram influencers and fashion magazines to find those new hot trends for you or feel comfortable designing your own concepts based on popular themes (colors, characters, typography, etc), building your summer product catalog long before the festival season opens is the only way to stay ahead of the curve.

And finally, keep in mind that the best strategy for maintaining steady sales throughout summer is to offer both trendy as well as essential items. So even those who don’t go to festivals can find a decent tank top to wear on a sunny day.

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